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XM42-M Flamethrower

ION Productions
The XM42-M is the world’s first fully handheld, grab and go modular flamethrower.

Brand new product from The Ion Productions Team! The XM42 Modular is a complete overhaul of the original handheld flamethrower that grabbed worldwide attention.

With all-new billet aluminum construction and a fully customizable layout, this rugged and sleek design is configurable to balance personal preference and capabilities. Barrel of flamethrower has M-LOK® slots! ***BACKPACK ATTACHMENT SOLD SEPARATELY***

Please Read the following info and if you still have questions call me 816-716-6076

The FAQ page at


XM42-M Display Stand

ION Productions

Availability: Ships 12/29 Description

Put your flamethrower on display and make it one hell of a conversation starter. With a glowing ring around the acrylic edge, rings around the tank and front fork, and XM42-M logo, it makes a statement. That statement is "My XM42-M is one badass piece of machinery. You should be jealous."

We'll have a nice render here soon, but for now, check out the slightly fancier retail display version for gun stores and other retailers:


XM42-M Butane Exo

ION Productions

It is very likely these will ship much earlier, but we have this date set just in case. It depends on turnaround times at our anodizer and whether we can squeeze them on the machines earlier in December.

Availability: Ships 1/12


For a little bit of added peace of mind (especially on the Ultralite backpack kit as it is made for use out in the field) we have designed an aluminum exoskeleton that can help protect an attached butane canister in the event of a drop or impact.

All necessary hardware is included. The exoskeleton mounts using M-LOK t-nuts onto the rail of the XM42-M.


XM42-M 6" Fuel Tank

ION Productions
Availability: Ships 1/12


It is very likely these will ship much earlier, but we have this date set just in case. It depends on turnaround times at our anodizer and how much weld time we have available during the month of December. Description

Increase your burn time to over 60 seconds with a 6" diameter aluminum fuel tank!

Simply unscrew the standard 4" tank and thread this one on snugly. Includes the high capacity fuel tank and fluoroelastomer o-ring on the male tank threads. CAP NOT INCLUDED. Use your existing 4" fuel tank cap.


XM42-M Ultralite Backpack

ION Productions
IN MANUFACTURING. SHIPS 1/19. Availability: Ships 1/19

Product Code: TANK-ULTRALITE Description

Increase your burn time to over 3.5 minutes by converting your XM42-M to the XM42-M Ultralite!

Designed for the US Forestry Service, firefighters, and controlled burn specialists, the Ultralite is the epitome of flame throwing technology. Our extended reach torch facilitates application of fire across washes and other geographical concerns compared to standard drip torches.

Features: Hand TIG welded aluminum 3 gallon reservoir with deep engraved logo

PTFE stainless steel braided fuel hose

Translucent armored sight-gauge for at-a-glance fuel level observation

Built-in flame arresting mesh at fuel fill bung

Custom nylon straps by Zulu Nylon Gear

Heavy duty carry handle


Ultralite backpack reservoir

-6AN PTFE stainless braided hose

Adapter fitting to connect to flamethrower

Cushioned nylon straps

Copper flare seals*

Detailed instruction manual